MRF New WallCoat is a 100% premium 2 pack polyurethane solvent based finish that is best suited for your interior and exterior walls. It is an aesthetic and protective finish that shields your walls from rain, smoke, dust, chemicals, algae/fungi and the harmful effects of UV radiation.


Walls are surfaces most prone to wear and damage due to the harsh effects of the sun, rain and varying temperature. Polyurethane coatings offer the best possible protection against these harmful natural occurrences.

Some of the key features of MRF New WallCoat are:

On Exterior Walls
Heavy rain has always been a constant cause of damage on exterior walls. The revolutionary PU coatings from MRF possess low water absorption co-efficient which virtually ensures nil seepage of rain into the wall surface.

Prevents growth of algae, fungi & moss
Since rain seepage on the walls is non-existent, the surface is well protected from the formation of algae, fungi, moss etc. This results in walls that remain attractive and hygienic.

Protecting Concrete
Considerable cost and efforts are spent in maintaining concrete surfaces that usually erode due to Carbonation. MRF New WallCoat protects these concrete surfaces to a considerable extent from damage due to acid gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide

MRF New WallCoat being an aliphatic Polyurethane coating, is virtually unaffected by the sun's UV rays. It is this property that gives the paint its outstanding weather resistance.

Available Pack Sizes :
1, 4 & 20 litre pack.