MRF TreatWood is a high performance economy polyurethane finish, specially formulated for interior use. The hard transparent finish enhances the intrinsic beauty of wood and offers excellent resistance to wear and tear. The protective properties, the durability and the elegance it gives to the coated surface are unmatched by any other conventional coating system.

MRF TreatWood is available in both Glossy and Matt finishes.

  • Best adhesion.
  • Good sealing effect against moisture.
  • Flexibility of achieving various gloss levels and finishes by intermixing glossy and matt finishes.
  • Best abrasion and stain resistance.
  • Best resistance against domestic spills, alcoholic beverages and cigarette burns.
Property TreatWood Finish
Film Hardness Very good
Mar & Scratch Resistance Very good
Heat Resistance Good
Water & Moisture Resistance Good
Gloss Retention Good
Stain Resistance Good
Effect of Cigarette Burns Virtually no effect on the paint film
Effect of Solvents, Alcoholic Beverages Virtually no effect on the paint film

Available Pack Sizes :
1, 4 & 20 litre pack.