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The primary concerns of all Industrial Establishments are the devastating effects of corrosion that consumes all their metal assets. Corrosion is a natural phenomenon that is brought about by moisture, humidity, rains, saline conditions, chemical inhibitions etc.,

MRF's Maintenance Coat consists of Manufacturing High Build, Versatile Epoxy Undercoats and PU top coats for countering corrosion of extreme nature. MRF also offers a very high Heat-resistant Aluminium paint (200-600 Deg C heat withstand able paint).

All these undercoats are made out of mainly epoxy formulations including the Self Priming Protectomastic filler which can be used in water logged/ water prone areas and where cleaning is only partially possible.


Industrial & Maintenance Coating Products:

  • Hibuild Epoxy Zinc Phosphate MIO Primer grey
  • Hibuild Epoxy Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate Primer
  • Epidec Epoxy
  • Coal tar Epoxy
  • Durochlor
  • Hibuild Epoxy (Top Coat)
  • Heat Resistant Aluminium 6000 C
  • Heat Resistant Aluminium 2000 C
  • Aliphatic PU (Top Coat)
  • Zinc Rich Primer
  • Epoxy Red Oxide Primer (Maintenance grade)
  • Self Priming Protectomastic Primer
  • Epoxy Zinc PHosphate Primer Dark grey (Maintenance grade)

Miscellaneous Coatings:
MRF Corp also offer various other product to meet the requirement of conventional coatings like

  • Acrylic Anti-termite primer & Finish Paints
  • Red oxide Primer
  • Air drying ROZC primer
  • Air drying Zinc chromate yellow Primer
  • Zinc Chrome Xuper-Premium version
  • Air Drying Enamels
  • Strippable Lacquers-For protecting coated articles

Available Pack Sizes :
1, 4 and 20litres (may not apply to all products).