This is a variant of MRF WallGarde specially formulated for use on Terracotta Tiles, Bricks etc. from a specially imported French Acrylic Resin that protects your tiles. The resin’s 6-point Guarding System ensures your terracotta tiles get the protection they need. Last, but not the least, these products have been specially designed to suit all of our country’s extreme weather conditions, from the scorching sun of the south to the biting colds of the north.

Guard against peeling
MRF TileGarde penetrates the surface to be painted, causing the paint to strongly adhere to the surface and preventing peeling. It is designed for direct application on terracotta tiles.

Guard against Dust & Foreign Particles

The special Acrylic Resin present in this range allows “milli-microns” of paint film to be regularly washed away by rain. This clears away any dirt or foreign particles that may be lodged in the paint’s surface, thus ensuring your terracotta tiles remain clean and attractive for years to come.

Guard against Blistering
MRF TileGarde resists the penetration of rainwater, but allows trapped moisture particles to escape without blistering the surface of the paint.

Guard against algae, moss and fungal growth.
Since water cannot penetrate the paint film, micro-organisms cannot anchor themselves onto the paint film, so your terracotta tiles stay clean and look for a long time to come.

Guard against Alkali attacks
MRF TileGarde is recommended for application on new terracotta tiles and bricks or in cas of re-coating the substrate has to be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, fungus and other contaminants. This is not recommended for use on substrates already coated with other materials.

MRF TileGarde delivers all the benefits of French Technology for coating and protecting bricks and terracotta tiles. TileGarde keeps them shielded against the weather and keeps them looking as good as new for years. Available in clear and color variants like Brick Red, Mehandi, Sunrise Red & Terracotta, MRF TileGarde gives you a range of options.

Available Pack Sizes :
1, 4 & 20 litre pack.