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What is Polyurethane [PU]?

Poly Urethane finish/paint is a versatile two component painting system with polyol as component - A and a poly iso- cyanate as component - B.

Can I apply MRF Wall coat PU on an already painted wall (emulsion)?

No. Any water based system if painted earlier, is, to be removed by scuffing the surface thoroughly. Then MRF WallCoat PU can be applied. [Refer to Technical Data sheet or Application procedure].
If you cannot clean the surface thoroughly, then MRF WallGarde can be applied (This is a Non - PU system that is based on French Technology).

Can I apply on an already painted wood [Enamel]?

Yes. First, the enamel painted surface has to be thoroughly scrapped and the loose particles have to be blown away. Then MRF MetalCoat shades [100 % Polyurethane Premium Finish] can be applied.
MRF Durothane [Economical 100 % Multipurpose Polyurethane paint] can be directly applied on Enamel painted surface.

Can I paint on wood surfaces that are already painted with Single pack PU?

Yes. But the surface which is smooth has to be roughened by thorough emerying and scuffing, ensuring the complete removal of loose particles by blowing air. The substrate can then be coated with any of the following:

  1. MRF Treat wood - Glossy / Matt
  2. MRF Metal Coat - Metallic / Glossy / Matt
  3. MRF FreshWood Interior PU
  4. MRF FreshWood Exterior PU - Glossy / Matt
  5. MRF Wood coat - Glossy / Matt
  6. MRF Wood coat Exterior Glossy / Matt finish
  7. MRF Melamine - Glossy / Matt / Satin
  8. MRF Melamine water white (clear) - Glossy / Matt

Can I Paint with MRF PU paint on wood which is already painted with NC finishes/ French Polish?

Yes. But only MRF Melamine (Glossy, Matt and Satin Finishes) can be used on wood that is already painted with NC finishes/French Polish.

What are the advantages of PU paints? Why should I go in for PU paint?

The main advantages of PU paints are:

  1. They are Anti fading (No colour deviation for a long period)
  2. They are Anti Chalking (No deterioration of paint film)
  3. They have excellent Gloss retention (Retention rate is 95%)
  4. They are flexible and hence withstand thermal expansion.
  5. They have excellent anti corrosion properties(especially saline corrosion - best meant for seashore areas
  6. They have excellent abrasion resistance.
  7. They are the best against bio-degradation like fungi, algae and moss.
  8. They have very high solvent and chemical resistance
  9. They have excellent UV Resistance.

Therefore it is advantageous to go in for PU finishes.

Where will I get the PU finishes/ paints?

MRF paints are available in all leading paint shops (dealers) in metros, cities, major towns and suburbs. Select the dealer network link to look for your nearest dealer.